Hardern-Helle CRC2 Electrode

A high chrome alloy that produces the ultimate in carbide formations which outwears conventional hardfacing electrodes. Exceptional abrasions and impact resistance on carbon, low alloy and magansese steels. Chrome carbide deposits develop a high polish. A uniform coating assures low temperature fusion with a minimum of base metal dilutions. This results in a consistent 60-63 RC hardness.

Hardern-Helle Open Arc Wire

Complex Chrome Carbides with the addition of Boron to add toughness.  Our wire develops an even cross checking pattern ideal for severe earth abrasion.  It can be applied without shielding gas but use of CO2 will enhance out of position work.  Generally limited to two layers at 58-60 RC hardness.

Hardern-Helle WC2 Electrode

Tungsten Carbide particles within a unique shock resistant matrix provides the ultimate in severe wear resistance.

Tungsten carbide particles in a tube designed for Oxy-acetylene application. A wide range of mesh sizes available i.e. 8-10, 30-40, 80-200.